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Audio Elitist Rules To Avoid

Geposted von Andrew Eve am

INTRODUCTION We’ve all heard and seen these elitist sayings that you should always do certain things in a mix and you should never do others in order to have a good and “correct”a mix. While many of those ideas and so-called “rules” sound very correct when they are presented as general knowledge, they seem to lose their credibility when you start working on real world material, dealing with real world problems. Here are a few rules that you should take with a grain of salt.   ADDITIVE EQ IS BAD There's this really strange idea that you should use as...

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5 Common Mistakes When Recording Vocals

Geposted von Andris Evelis am

  One of the worst things a recording engineer can do is to get a great performance down badly. The results of such recording sessions are often blamed on the performer while the real culprit – the one behind the mixing desk remains unnoticed by the average listener.  Let’s be honest – no one wants a single moment like that in their career. Being a recording engineer is indeed a great responsibility – both when the artist you are working with is a novice and needs a lot of guidance and when he is a seasoned professional capable ofdoing one...

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