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About Us

Violet Microphones is a boutique, high-class studio microphone manufacturer based in Riga, Latvia (EU).

The company was established by the renowned microphone designer Juris Zarins (1952-2017) who dedicated his life to music, record-making process and the technology involved.

Violet’s products are crafted by a team of hand-picked specialists he trained.

Traditional design for future studios

Recording music is a delicate process requiring skill, dedication, and control, but it all starts with a microphone. 

So the single most important goal of Violet Microphones is to defend the idea of quality studio equipment as an essential part of any recording process, be it large big-budget productions or a demo for your new band, made in the basement of your home. 

And we do that by setting an example:

Since the company was founded Violet Microphones has introduced six microphone series, each designed to excel in a variety of applications. 

“A significant part of our team consists of passionate musicians but, due to our line of work, we’ve also become quite familiar with the politics of today’s studio equipment manufacturing industry and sales. Frankly it’s true that there is no good reason to make you pay thousands for a mass-produced tool promising to give you that “radio quality” vocal sound you’ve been looking for. 


We make our microphones by hand, in a small factory near our home. We stand by our work and we know it’s exact value. We pack our own products and we answer our own emails. Our belief is that hard work and commitment pays best,”


Violet Microphones CMO, Andris Evelis

You can find out more about each of our products and accessories HERE

The story about Violet Design and Violet Microphones

First of all, all “SIA Violet Microphones” (the current legal name of the company) operations are now handled from Latvia. We handle manufacture, marketing and customer support from the same city. 

We've been manufacturers, designers, engineers and patent holders for products under the brand name "Violet Design" since the beginning (2003). The reasons for ending our partnership with Estonian representatives "Violet Design" are very simple: Violet mics – high-quality products that are hand-made in Latvia – were lost in the modern world of pro audio sales, fueled by digital marketing and ever-developing social networking technologies. The previous company “Violet Design” simply could not compete in this new environment. It seemed like Violet mics was some discontinued, dead brand when in fact it was not. 

The decision was made by the owner of the brand and design (Juris Zarins) to take control and not let the previous scenario play out. New guys were tasked with getting Violet’s name polished and represented properly in the social media and elsewhere, including trade shows.

So here we are...

Our Goal

We believe that the world-class recording experience has to be affordable for every aspiring artist and engineer. Honestly, there's no need to pay thousands of dollars on overpriced gear. We've been in pro audio business for more than 25 years, and we know that you can get the same (or even better) results with the microphone costing even ten times less than a so-called "fancy" microphone. 

Our goal is to make high-performance professional studio microphones that will last for decades at an affordable price!