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1. When will my order ship? How long I have to wait for it to arrive?

All orders are typically sent out in 1-3 working days. Shipping normally takes 3-7 days.

2. What if I need to change my order - how can I do that?

If you need to contact us regarding your order, please send an EMAIL we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

3. Golden Sputtering Technology - how does it work?

By using the innovative Golden Sputtering technology, the capsule’s diaphragm is made lighter, therefore, it reacts to sound waves much faster and delivers more clarity and precision compared to other microphones in the market.

4. Can I try out any of your microphones before buying it?

All orders come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. That means you can order a microphone, try it out in your own studio and make the final decision within the mentioned time period.

5. How long do these microphones last?

While we give 5-Year product warranty for all our microphones, our records prove that you can use the mic for at least 10+ years without any changes in its sound quality.  

6. Where are your microphones manufactured?

All Violet Microphones products have been designed with strict “no-compromise” rules and are hand-crafted and tested in Latvia (EU) by a team of hand-picked, highly qualified experts.

7. What is your warranty policy?

Our studio condenser microphones come with a 5-Year product warranty. Accessories and dynamic microphones come with a 2-Year product warranty.

8. What is your return/exchange policy?

If you're not satisfied with your purchase, during the 30-day period you can exchange OR return your mic by writing to

9. What if I Have a VAT Number?

If you have a registered VAT number and you want to check out without added tax, please send the following details to and we'll send you an invoice in 24 hours.

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Payment method: bank transfer / credit card / paypal