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The Wedge

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"All in all, I was very satisfied with The Wedge. With its quality components and obviously solid construction, attention to detail, not to mention an affordable price, I would definitely recommend this mic to anyone building a stable of great-sounding, sturdy, workhouse microphones. In my book, The Wedge is a winner. " Pro Sound Network


"Open, engaging sound. Excellent specification. Stylish modern look.Overall, The Wedge is an excellent addition to Violet's mic range and the closest to being the 'mass market' hyped large capsule mic that everyone seems to crave. As usual, the company has done things its own way and the result is more stylish and personal than the many identikit grey tubes out there." Music Radar


"For the project‑studio owner who records mainly their own music, a mic's vocal performance is perhaps most likely to be the deal‑maker or deal‑breaker. Leaving aside the EQ possibilities for a moment, the Wedge would suit a singer who needs to add weight to their voice, while at the same time smoothing over some high‑end roughness. " Sound On Sound

The Wedge

The Wedge condenser microphone from Violet Microphones is meticulously designed for the highest quality of studio recording. It's multi-layered, wedge-shaped head effectively reduces plosive sounds and other noises such as wind or breath. Acoustic open head provides new level of sound transparence and naturalness. 

The Wedge's capsule is made from high-quality, 6-micron Mylar film, and it's innovative freestanding design results in a more open and detailed sound.

The critical first stage circuit is located close to the capsule to further improve sound quality.

The large single-diaphragm is precisely tensioned, adjusted on back plates, and sputtered with Violet's exclusive gold alloy mixture. This process allows The Wedge to give a faster impulse transient response without sound coloration or low-frequency reduction, and also makes it capable of handling high sound pressure levels.


- PSM Shock-mount


The Wedge has a warmer tone with very high output and ultra-low self-noise. It is designed for a wide range of studio recording situations. The fast transient response, crystal clear highs and loud SPL handling make it excellent for recording drums, especially for snare drum, overhead and hi-hat. 

It is also excellent for piano, electric and acoustic guitars, bowed strings and brass instruments.

There is no need to worry about overload but using a pop-filter in the studio or a foam windscreen in live applications can help reduce plosive sounds and breath, pop or wind noises.

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